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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K will be able to shoot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES next year, including a new holiday special!

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Your 12-Hour EXCLUSIVE Backer Window for MST3K LIVE TOUR Tickets is TODAY from 10AM to 10PM, Local Venue Time!
13 days ago – Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 11:00:51 PM

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Joel Robinson Returns for MST3K LIVE ANNIVERSARY TOUR this Fall… and backers can get exclusive tickets TOMORROW @ 10am! PLUS: More thoughts from Joel about Season 12!
14 days ago – Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 12:22:48 AM

Dear MST3K Revival League, 

Hey, it's Joel again. Yeah, I know, I just sent you an update on Friday. But you know, at the end of that update, I also told you there were some other special surprises coming up to celebrate Mystery Science Theater 3000's THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY. And last night, I found out that I could share one of the best surprises with you right now, before we tell everyone else.

That's why I'm happy to tell you that…

This October, I’ll be back in the red jumpsuit and joining Jonah Heston and the bots for the all-new MST3K LIVE 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR: 42 shows in 29 cities, featuring two brand new movies!

That's right, y’all: for this very special anniversary tour, I'm pleased to tell you that Joel Robinson will be returning to the Satellite of Love. I'm back in the red jumpsuit, and this time around, I'll be riffing live on stage, shoulder-to-shoulder with Jonah, Crow, Tom Servo and Gypsy. We had such a wonderful time last summer, meeting so many of you in person, that we wanted to do it again as soon as we could. And having Joel Robinson return to riff after 25 years seemed like the perfect way to celebrate MST3K’s anniversary with you!

We'll be performing two completely different shows as part of the tour, featuring two incredibly strange and cheesy feature films: The Brain, a Canadian sci-fi suburban nightmare, and Deathstalker, a fun sword and sandal epic with some surprisingly muppety monsters!

And, just like last year, we’re traveling all over the United States, and hope you’ll join us in a city near you. Plus, we’ve added some great locations we weren’t able to visit before, including shows in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut and Maine.

Since I know a lot of you are going to ask, here's the whole schedule for the tour:

  • OCT 9 - Portland, ME (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 10 - Boston, MA (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 11 - Boston, MA (Deathstalker @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 12 - Washington, DC (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @ 10:00pm) 
  • OCT 13 - New Haven, CT (The Brain @ 7:00pm) 
  • OCT 14 - New York, NY (The Brain @ 3:00pm / Deathstalker @ 7:00pm) 
  • OCT 16 - Norfolk, VA (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 17 - Durham, NC (Deathstalker @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 19 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (The Brain @ 7:00pm) 
  • OCT 20 - Orlando, FL (The Brain @ 4:00pm / Deathstalker @ 8:00pm) 
  • OCT 21 - Atlanta, GA (The Brain @ 3:00pm / Deathstalker @ 8:00pm) 
  • OCT 24 - Cincinnati, OH (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 25 - Cleveland, OH (Deathstalker @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 26 - Glenside, PA (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @ 10:00pm) 
  • OCT 27 - Wilkes Barre, PA (The Brain @ 5:00pm) 
  • OCT 28 - Royal Oak, MI (The Brain @ 3:00pm / Deathstalker @ 7:00pm) 
  • OCT 30 - St. Louis, MO (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • OCT 31 - Nashville, TN (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • NOV 2 - Dallas, TX (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @ 10:00pm) 
  • NOV 3 - Houston, TX (The Brain @ 7:00pm) 
  • NOV 4 - Austin, TX (The Brain @ 3:00pm / Deathstalker @ 7:00pm) 
  • NOV 6 - Los Angeles, CA (The Brain @ 7:00pm) 
  • NOV 7 - San Francisco, CA (The Brain @ 8:00pm) 
  • NOV 8 - San Jose, CA (Deathstalker @ 7:30pm) 
  • NOV 9 - Portland, OR (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @ 10:00pm)
  • NOV 11 - Seattle, WA (The Brain @ 3:00pm / Deathstalker @ 7:00pm) 
  • NOV 13 - Boulder, CO (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • NOV 15 - Milwaukee, WI (The Brain @ 7:30pm) 
  • NOV 16 - Chicago, IL (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @10:00pm)
  • NOV 17 - Minneapolis, MN (The Brain @ 7:00pm / Deathstalker @10:00pm)

So, there you go. This fall, we'll be on the road for 6 weeks, 29 cities and 42 shows, and I hope some of you will come out to celebrate THIRTY YEARS OF MST3K with us, because I think we'll have a blast. And, as always, since you're the reason the show is alive again after all these years, I wanted to make sure you heard about this before anyone else.

And actually, just like last year, I also want to make sure you get a chance to reserve your seats before anyone else, which is why, once again...

Starting at 10am tomorrow, you'll be able to get tickets to all of these shows, exclusive to backers, for the first 12 hours!

We'll send an update tomorrow morning at 9am Eastern Time with a secret "backers' only" link, and tickets will be available starting at 10am, local time, for each show.

Now, I need to get going, because we're getting ready to start shooting the new episodes, but before I do, I also just want to take a moment to let you know that I've read your comments and questions about last week's update, and I'll do my best to share some more details here.

For those of you who are concerned about our decision to shoot a shorter season, or to make the episodes more "binge-friendly," I hope you'll keep an open mind. We're not changing the style of the show, or dumbing it down, or making concessions. We’re just having some fun with the format, and this new season, and the way it’s structured. We love this season’s lineup of movies. In fact, I honestly think that this could be our best season yet. Also, I suspect that season 12 is going to be the best opportunity yet for you to invite your friends and family to get into the show, if they haven’t already!

And you know, if you don't want to binge, you don't have to – the show will be just as good if you watch one episode at a time. I guess all I was trying to say in the last update is, the world of television has changed a lot in the last 30 years, and we think there are some neat ways for Mystery Science Theater 3000 to have fun with that. You’ll see.

But yeah, for those of you worried because we're "only" making six new episodes, I promise, there's nothing to panic about, so repeat to yourself: "I should really just relax." Shorter seasons don't mean we're going to make fewer episodes, they just mean we're going to make fewer at a time! And like I said last week, that also means we should be able to get them out sooner, and not make you wait so long in between seasons. It’s also, we feel, the best way to help grow the MST3K community – and obviously, that's a really important goal so that the show can keep on having a long and productive life.

I've also seen some of the theories that have popped up since our last update, but you don't need to worry: we're not planning to end the show again after this season. As you know, we’re so happy to have the show back and we’re looking forward to continuing for as long as we can! I also want you to know that Netflix hasn’t forced us to change anything about MST3K, or make creative concessions. They’re actually really enthused about the show.

Also, if anything, my feeling is that being able to shoot shorter seasons is way better for the creative life of the show, and I hope you’ll agree when you see the new season.

So yeah: in conclusion, my friends, it's okay if you're not sure how you feel about last week's update. But before you make up your mind, I hope you'll tune in and see what we’ve done. We've got some really fun surprises (and terrible movies) planned for Season 12, and I'm excited for you to see them!

Anyway, now I really have to get to the studio so we can start shooting – but if you want to come out this fall and join us for the MST3K LIVE 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, be sure to keep an eye out for the update we'll send at 9am Eastern Time tomorrow!

Cheers & Thanks,


Annnnnd... we're back! A Long Overdue Update on Season 12. PLUS: Final S11 Rewards + New S12 Rewards!
17 days ago – Sat, Jun 02, 2018 at 12:15:46 AM

Dear MST3K Revival League,

It's me, Joel. I know, it's been a long time since the last update – but I'm glad to tell you that there's a good reason for that. Since the beginning of this year, we've been back at work preparing for the next season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and things are going really well. 

And you know, I thought this might be a good time to finally send an update and catch up for a few minutes, because I've got some good news:

We're going back into the studio on Monday to shoot the next season of Mystery Science Theater 3000!

And since a lot has happened this year, there are a few important updates about the new season that I want to share before that happens... so I guess we should get right to it.

New Season… New Experiment!

As you know, I never like to give away too much about the new episodes ahead of time, since I want the experience of seeing them to be a fun surprise for everyone.

So, before you ask, I'm still not going to tell you what movies Jonah and the Bots will be riffing this season… but I will tell you that this season's movies include one that I know a lot of you have asked us to riff in the past, and also one that was made in the last five years!

Now, I've got to tell you, being on Netflix – and in over 100 million homes! – has been a really good thing for MST3K. It feels good having Season 11 under our belts and received so warmly, so that's been giving us a lot of good momentum this time.

But you know, it's also been really helpful seeing so much feedback from all of you, and I think you'll be pleased to see a bunch of your suggestions manifested in this next batch of new shows. It's never a good idea to try to make a show "by committee," but I think hearing from so many of you helped us see some things about the new episodes that we might not have noticed or thought about.

I guess what I'm trying to say is… thanks for the help!

Anyway, yeah, I never want to share too much about the new episodes before you get to see them… but one of the big creative challenges that really interested me this time around was how to tweak the Forrester experiments to take advantage of Netflix's strengths, and the way people binge-view shows.

(Think about it: binge-watching the last season of Stranger Things took 540 minutes… but binge-watching the last season of Mystery Science Theater took 1,260 minutes! Especially for new or "casual" viewers, I'm worried that could be a little overwhelming, and maybe keep them from giving the show a chance.)

So, this time around, the entire "concept" of the season will be a little different, and warped in a really fun way, which I think will make the whole series of movies "hang together" as a season. I'm not going to tell you the concept yet, but...

The next season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be SIX EPISODES long, and written to encourage binge viewing!

And you know, the other nice thing about this plan is that, by focusing on just six episodes this time around, we're able to get them written, shot and edited a lot faster! That hopefully also means we'll be able to show them to you a lot sooner, so that you don't have to wait as long for your next "fix" of Mystery Science Theater.

On a creative level, it’s a much more fun way to work. And I hope that shows in the new season. Truth be told, as much as I loved making 14 feature-length episodes of MST3K, it’s hard sometimes to get your arms around that much content all at once. So, this season allowed us to focus more, and have a better sense of the whole picture.

Anyway, I know a lot of you have been wondering what's happening with the new season, and I didn't want to start shooting without letting you know how things are going. You – the MST3K Revival League – are the reason we've got another season of Mystery Science Theater coming, and we're all still so grateful that you made this possible.

And, speaking of the MST3K Revival League, there's one more thing we should talk about before I get back to work.

The MST3K Revival League: Round 2!

Ever since the new episodes were released on Netflix last April, we've gotten a lot of wonderful emails telling us how excited you were to be part of getting the new season made, how much you enjoyed getting behind-the-scenes updates and special backer rewards, and asking if we would have another Kickstarter campaign to keep the MST3K Revival League alive for Season 12.

And you know, we spent a lot of time thinking about that, because the experience of making the show with (and for) all of you has been really special and wonderful – especially getting to meet so many of you on set during production and when we traveled for our three premiere screening events.

So, while we didn't think it would be right to do a brand new crowdfunding campaign – or to ask all of you to pay for another season, when we know it will be on Netflix – we did want to find a way to invite those of you who really enjoyed the whole Kickstarter experience to be more involved again.

That's why I'm really excited to announce that …

Starting on June 12th, we're launching our first MST3K Revival League "Pledge Drive," where we'll be offering a bunch of neat gifts for those of you who want to get involved again, including several that backers asked us to bring back for Season 12, including chances to...

  • BE A PRODUCER: Get credited on the new episodes, IMDB and the poster!
  • ADOPT CROW & SERVO: Own one of the robots used on screen! 
  • BE IN THE CREDITS: We're offering a limited number of "special thanks"! 
  • OWN SEASON 12: Collector's Edition Box Set and Digital Downloads! 
  • GET SEASON 12 GIFTS: Official Poster and Official Tote Bag

Also, later this summer, we'll be offering a few chances to own some of the official costumes, props, inventions and models featured on screen during Seasons 11 and 12. We can't do that now, because we need that stuff so we can, you know, shoot the new episodes. But once that's done, we want to find good homes for everything. 

So yeah, that's the plan: we're not doing a full Kickstarter, but I felt like we could keep some of the best parts of the crowdfunding experience by doing a public television-style "pledge drive." If you want to be part of the new season, I hope you'll think about making a pledge and joining us again!

Update on Remaining Kickstarter Rewards

There are still a few last details from Season 11 to take care of, including the coffee table book, and helping anyone who is still missing rewards. Ivan actually just posted a separate update about that, so please be sure to read that if you have questions.

He asked me to tell you that the rewards update has answers about what to do if you've still got any of these problems:

  • Missing Mystery Gifts 
  • Problems with the Season 11 Box Set 
  • The Coffee Table Book 
  • Pledging for Leftover Rewards
  • Any Other Missing Rewards

So yeah, be sure to read that update if you still need help, because I think Ivan's finally finishing up the last details, and trying to make sure everything from the Kickstarter is 100% finished in the next month or two -- because now we need him to focus on making sure you get your "Pledge Drive" rewards!

Oh, and if you've worn out your #BringBackMST3K Kickstarter t-shirts or hoodies, or just want to get a few more, Ivan tells me he needs to make one last batch of them. So, it sounds like you can re-order the original Kickstarter shirts and hoodies one last time, until June 15th, starting right now.

That's it for today, but there's actually still a lot more to share with you. After all, this isn't just any year: remember that in November, Mystery Science Theater 3000 turns THIRTY. So yeah, we've got a few other fun ideas we're still working on. I'll tell you more about those sometime soon.

Until then, thanks again for everything you've done to help bring MST3K back. We wouldn't be doing any of this without you.

Cheers & Thanks,


Wrapping up #BringBackMST3K Rewards: ALL REQUESTS MUST BE MADE BY JULY 1!
17 days ago – Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 10:09:12 PM

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is OFFICIALLY RENEWED for more episodes on Netflix!
7 months ago – Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 12:41:37 AM

Dear MST3K Revival League,

Joel again. I know I just sent an update this morning, but I've got some news that you've been waiting for, and I promised I'd tell you right away!

So yeah, if you weren't tuned into this year's Turkey Day Marathon, then you just missed a big announcement:


That's right – it's another Turkey Day Miracle!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return has officially been renewed for another season on Netflix in the "not too distant future!"

I wish I had more details to share, but so far, that's literally everything we're able to announce – and, of course, I'll tell you more as soon as I can.

But for today, I hope you'll be as happy as I am to know that our Kickstarter worked: thanks to you, Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be back for even more new episodes.

Cheers & Thanks,